Sherman Law Firm explains why the police should always be called to an accident scene, even if it's just a fender-bender.

It’s Just A Fender-Bender, Do I Really Need To Call The Cops?

If you are in a multi-car accident on a busy highway, calling the police is a no-brainer. They can direct traffic and make sure nobody else slams into you.  But what should you do after a less serious accident? Is it always necessary to call the cops? The answer is yes.  Safety First  Even if […]

Sherman Law Firm discusses why car defects are still a major cause of accidents.

Still Unsafe At Any Speed?

It’s been over half a century since Ralph Nader published his groundbreaking book Unsafe at Any Speed: The Designed-In Dangers of the American Automobile, but we are still living in a world where product defects cause a disturbing number of car accidents each year.  Nader Blows the Whistle  Although he is best known today as […]

Sherman Law Firm, PLLC discusses the shocking traffic accident from last year.

Shocking Traffic Accident Data Highlights A Serious Problem

The Texas Department of Transportation has released the traffic accident data it collected last year, and it is shocking. 249,241 people were injured in vehicle accidents in Texas in 2018. 14,908 of these injuries were classified as “serious.” A crash occurred every 58 seconds. One person was injured every 2 minutes 7 seconds. Every 2 hours […]

Sherman Law Firm, PLLC discusses how mass transit accidents can cause severe injuries.

Mass Transit Can Cause Massive Accidents

If you admit that you are afraid of flying, and the person you are talking to does not share your fear, you can almost guarantee that they will gleefully try to convince you that you are wrong.  They will, of course, remind you that flying is safer than driving in that condescending way that assumes […]

Sherman Law Firm discusses who is responsible when road debris is the cause of your accident.

Who Is Responsible When Road Debris Causes An Accident?

Earlier this summer, the City of Houston and the Texas Department of Transportation closed a key Spur 527 connection to Brazos Street just a few miles from our office. A bridge spanning Smith and Holman had deteriorated to the point that it was dangerous for vehicles to drive on it. Officials were also concerned that […]

The Sherman Law Firm, PLLC, discusses how common a workplace injury or illness are in Texas.

Bigger Is Not Always Better: Too Many Texas Workers Are Injured On The Job

They say everything is bigger in Texas, but there are some things we all wish were smaller. The number of people that are injured or killed in workplace accidents is one of them.  According to the Texas Observer, which gathered data from various government sources on workplace injuries or illnesses in Texas, “Every year since […]

Sherman Law Firm, PLLC, discusses the risk of injuries at baseball games.

Take Me Out To The Ballpark… And Hope We Don’t Get Hurt

When is the last time you attended a Houston Astros game? Did you feel safe sitting in the stands when your favorite player stepped up to the plate? Would you still want to attend if you knew an estimated 1,750 Major League Baseball fans are injured by foul balls and broken bats each season?   Baseball […]

5 Steps To Take If You Are Injured On Vacation

Going on vacation is supposed to be relaxing and fun. But what happens when you get hurt or injured while you are away from home? Below are five things you should do if something bad happens while you are traveling.  Seek Medical Attention  If you have been seriously injured, the first thing you should do […]