There’s Nothing Funny About A Slip & Fall Lawsuit

Pratfalls are a staple of the comedy world. We love to see others trip, slip, or fall — preferably on a banana peel. Sitcoms and stand-up comedians regularly rely on this trope to tickle our funny bones. Researchers suggest it is because our brain is caught off guard and it enjoys seeing something that is unexpected happen.

But when it is you doing the slipping and sliding around, it is anything but funny. People who slip, trip, or fall down are often seriously injured, and they often deserve compensation.

Falling down and hurting yourself is not just bad luck, and your injuries are not something you simply need to learn to deal with. If another person or organization’s negligence caused your fall, you deserve to get help paying for your medical expenses. You may want to file a personal injury lawsuit to seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and paid and suffering.

Under Texas law, another party may be held liable for your injuries if their negligent or reckless actions — or inaction — caused you to slip, trip, or fall. If a property owner or employee knew or should have known that someone might slip and fall because the floor was slick, or there was a hole, or there was some other danger, and they did nothing about it, they may be held accountable. If the property owner or employee created the danger they may also be held responsible.

Unfortunately, many people who deserve compensation for their slip and fall injuries will not seek it. We regularly hear from clients who say that they are so embarrassed about what happened they did not want to tell anyone about it, let alone file a lawsuit. We know there are people out there who let that embarrassment get the best of them, and never seek help. There are others that think they deserved what happened, or that injuries are simply another thing that you have to learn to live with. This is heartbreaking.

Our firm is ready to help you get the help you need to recover from your slip and fall injury, no matter how strange or embarrassing the circumstances. We can discreetly attempt to negotiate a settlement if you do not want your case to be a public record. Or we can trumpet your claims to the world so others know what happened to you was unfair, and emphasize that the dangerous conditions that caused your accident must be fixed so nobody else is hurt.

If you are ready to share your slip and fall story, we are ready to listen. We have an experienced team of attorneys that will take your claim seriously, no matter how minor it seems, or how bizarre the circumstances. You deserve to be heard, and the people and organizations responsible for your injuries deserve to be brought to justice.