Mass Transit Can Cause Massive Accidents

If you admit that you are afraid of flying, and the person you are talking to does not share your fear, you can almost guarantee that they will gleefully try to convince you that you are wrong. 

They will, of course, remind you that flying is safer than driving in that condescending way that assumes your fear is logical. If you have been searching for years for a reasonable response that allows you to justify your fears, we’ve got you covered. Accidents involving planes — or other mass transit vehicles — may be rarer, but they are also more severe. 

Size Matters 

When a bus, train, or plane crashes, passengers are more likely to be injured than when a car crashes. There are more people involved, so the odds of injury increase, but that is not the only reason why. 

The size of buses, trains, and airplanes means they weigh much more than an average automobile. Thanks to the laws of physics, this means they are much more difficult to maneuver and slower to stop when a dangerous situation arises. 

Their size and speed can also make something that would cause minor damage to a car much more frightening. Just recently, a charter bus ran into a guardrail on I-59. Three people were taken to the hospital — and more probably should have been because you should always get a medical exam after an accident. The highway was closed, and the bus was smashed up so badly passengers had to crawl out a window because the door wouldn’t open. 

Seat Belts Optional 

Wearing a seatbelt while driving or riding in a car has gone mainstream, but using safety restraints on mass transit is often uncomfortable or impossible. 

Most people on a plane would not buckle up if the flight attendants did not walk around forcing them to. Buses and trains are rarely equipped with seat belts or other safety restraints. If they are, there is certainly nobody going around making sure you have yours securely fastened.

This is another reason why mass transit accidents are more deadly than car accidents. 

Carriers Must Be Held Accountable 

When a mass transit accident occurs, the bus company, airline, or train operator who owns the line must be held accountable. However, this is easier said than done. Mass transit owners and operators often hide behind confusing corporate structures that make it difficult to determine who is responsible for what went wrong. 

They also employ enough lawyers and PR workers to fill up one of their oversized vehicles. They are experts at denying responsibility and spinning any story to make it seem like they are the good guys. 

However, the Sherman Law Firm is not afraid of a challenge. We know how to dive into financial statements and corporate records to find out who is actually in charge. We regularly comb through police reports and records of government inspections to find out what caused or contributed to the accident. And we are prepared to take our client’s case up to the highest courts in the land if that’s what it takes to get justice.