Would In-Room Cameras Stop Nursing Home Abuse?

Last December, a 29-year-old woman in a vegative state gave birth. The staff at the assisted living facility she had been living in since she was three years old didn’t even notice she was pregnant until they realized she was in labor.  A nurse at the facility has was arrested and charged with sexual assault […]

Over-Medicating Is Abuse

Human Rights Watch estimates that each week around 179,000 older people in nursing homes are given antipsychotic drugs without an appropriate diagnosis. This is a disturbing form of elder abuse that anyone with a loved one in a nursing home should be on the lookout for. As personal injury attorneys we are raising awareness of […]

Dog Bites Are Serious

Houston has won another dubious honor. During Dog Bite Prevention Week, the United States Postal Service announced that more postal employees were attacked by dogs in Houston than in any other U.S. city in 2018. This may sound like the start to a bad joke, but it is a serious problem. Texas leads the nation […]

The Cost Of Crashing

At the end of an exceptional series of articles in the Houston Chronicle on our area’s dangerous roads, there is a piece on the rising costs of car accidents. The last article tells the story of young man named David Jacob Anzaldua while slipping in details about the staggering cumulative costs of car accidents. Million […]

Crane Collapse Highlights the Dark Side of the Construction Industry

The tragic crane collapse in Seattle that killed two workers and two pedestrians, is raising awareness of deadly construction accidents. It is a topic we all must pay more attention to as the construction season reaches its peak and the Houston real estate market remains hot. Construction accidents are incredibly common and incredibly dangerous. Don’t […]

Know The Signs Of Nursing Home Abuse

If you have a loved one living in a nursing home or other assisted living facility in the Houston area, it is important to know the signs of elder abuse and neglect. While most elder abuse is perpetrated by loved ones, the abuse that occurs in a facility that is supposed to be taking care […]

Mother Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against “The Weather Channel”

A couple of years ago, three storm chasers were killed as a tornado touched down near the small town of Spur, Texas. However, the tornado was not the direct cause of the accident that took the lives of Kelley Williamson, Randall Yarnall, and Corbin Lee Jaeger. Jaeger’s mother is instead pointing the finger at Williamson […]

Spring Is In The Air, And Motorcycles Are Back On The Roadways

According to the latest data from the Texas Department of Transportation, 501 motorcyclists were killed on our state’s roads in just a one year period. That same year, an additional 2,101 motorcyclists are suspected to have suffered a serious injury. These numbers are shockingly high because too few other drivers look out for motorcyclists and […]

I Wrecked My Friend’s Car. Now What?

Your friend did you a favor and let you borrow their car. And because no good deed goes unpunished, you wrecked the car. What happens next? Below is a timeline that covers that basic things that happen if you have been in a car accident while driving someone else’s car. First Things First If you […]

The Deadly Task We Do Every Day

A Houston Chronicle analysis of 16 years of federal highway data reveals our fair city is the most deadly major metro area in the nation for drivers, passengers and people in their path. An in-depth series titled “Out of Control” reveals some startling facts about the risks we take each time we get into a […]